About Us

We craft technology-driven solutions for businesses, finance and social sectors.

We are making huge investments in education. Solving the problems in education is a long trip. We’re taking it.
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Vericore educational glassboard screen for WizitUp content/studio production

Who We Are

Africa-focused, modern multimedia and technology company, creating value for our customers’ business. Passionate about digital delivery of education and financial inclusion.


What We Do

Provide technology for educational institutions (primary to tertiary). Branding, animation development, studio production and multimedia outsourcing. IT outsourcing.


How We Do It

Build our core values around people, innovation, integrity and excellent delivery. Deep commitment towards building talent capacity, consumer and partner relationships.

How far have we come?

The journey of Vericore Technologies
Journey Begins

We built capacity in developing global-standard videos for secondary schools, building over 2,000 videos for 13 subjects in SS1-3 (largest collection in Africa). Go to website

In 2016, this is where Vericore Technologies was
Distribution & New Markets

Partnerships with global companies with similar drive of solving social problems. OEMs. Telcos. Partnerships with tertiary institutions. Dive into primary education.

Vericore in payments and finance. Birth of WizitUp app
Entry into Finance

In partnership with two top global advisory companies, Vericore enters into the payments and finance space. Drop your email. You’d be first to know when we launch. Subscribe.

The Future is Here

We believe in partnerships and collaborations. The future is huge for you. Let’s support you to get there faster. Drop a note, or get an appointment. Click here.

Vericore and You

How can we support you or your business?

We provide technology, content development, multimedia production and branding services that supports your and your business. Got a big dream, we can power it for you.
World Class Development and Deployments, IT Outsourcing
Need help with a tech project? We build it and support you.
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Educational platforms, apps, technology deployment
Smart institutions drive on technology. We’ve got you.
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Meet Our Professional Team

We are a team of professionals & consultants with experience in education, media, payments, technology and business for tens of years. Together, we manage teams of smart people with different industry stengths. And together, we are building the future with our clients and consumers.
Felix Imafidon, COO, Vericore Technologies
Felix Imafidon

Brings over 14 years of experience in systems development & security, and setting up educational technology institutions. "Digital & Tech" advocate in solving social problems. Consultant with the Presidential Constitution & Electoral Review Committee. Managed teams across Africa & Asia.

Olorunfemi Adedeji, Head, Content and Media, Vericore Technologies
Head, Content & Media
Olorunfemi Adedeji

Femi has his background in Educational Technology and Creative Media, with rich experience working across the breadth of media. From heading the Creative Department at Superscreen TV and Prez Holdings, Cartoons Editorial with Daily Independent, Research Supervision at British Council.

Chukwuemeka Mbaneme, Head, Technology
Head, Technology
Chukwuemeka Mbaneme

Chukwuemeka has spent over 18 years transversing the technology space, with strong experience in banking technology and oil & gas. He headed the e-Payment Unit of Zenith Bank, e-Business Department of BitCom Systems, and Systems Development Unit of African Express Bank.

Vericore Team
Vericore Team

It’s a team of innovative people, committed to excellence. Content developers. Quality assurance. Illustrators. Animators. Producers. Designers. Developers. Administrators. Support. We all make it happen. And together, we’re committed to meeting the needs of our partners, clients & consumers.